Mobile Native Development Engineer

Department Epona
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Experienced

Mobile Native Development Engineer





Quarkslab is a French company specializing in information security R&D, consulting and software development. Our expertise is in combining offensive and defensive security to help organizations adopt a new security posture: Force the attackers, not the defender, to adapt constantly. Through our

consulting services as well as our software we provide tailored solutions to organizations, helping them to protect their assets, sensitive data, and users against increasingly sophisticated attacks.


Job description


Where you can help us:

At Quarkslab, we build a product, Epona, for application protection. The goal is to buy time and make it harder for the attacker to steal and tamper with data or intrude into our client's infrastructure. This team is divided in several "features": protection to make code harder to analyse statically or dynamically, cryptography to design whitebox algorithms and secure storage to build a secure digital vault, Q&A, ...


We have a strong focus on the mobile market, and have lots of needs in continuously improving our tools for the Android and iOS platforms. This goes from the detection of malicious usage of an application to the integration of our tools and libraries in the classical toolchain and tools used by mobile developers. As these platforms evolve really rapidly, you will help the team to reach beyond the state-of-the-art in securing these platforms.


Your day to day work:

Your first role will be to help us building a framework to detect malicious usage of an application or a phone. This framework will then be integrated into our Epona Application Protection suite, and be rewarded with a connected mode to provide enhanced malicious behavior analyses on mobile phones.


You will also help in maintaining our integration into mobile developers' tools (e.g. XCode), and develop the mobile specific parts of our whole Epona Application Protection suite.


Who you are:

The skills or knowledge we think you should have:

  • Expert in mobile development and their associated toolchains (for Android and iOS)

  • Fluent in C++

  • Fluent in Java and/or Kotlin

  • Experience in low-level native libraries development

  • Internals of Android systems

  • Team player to exchange about your knowledge with others

  • Git (or any SCM)

  • Usage of a continuous integration system (e.g. Gitlab)


But also, that would be nice if you knew:

  • Internals of iOS systems

  • Network programming




Why work at Qb?


  • Work with an amazing team, eager to learn and play with new approach and technologies, mixing various skills (security, compilation, backend, ...)

  • Attend conferences in your field, learn from many internal events (weekly conference, trainings, ...)

  • Contribute and support open source tools, others and ours

  • Premium health insurance

  • International environment with offices in Paris and Buenos Aires (team croissants vs. team asador), representations in Tokyo and Singapore


Recruitment process


  1. Call with our talent acquisition manager

  2. Play with a small challenge

  3. Welcome at Qb's office (half day interview)

  4. Talk with the appropriate C-level(s)

  5. HR debrief and job offer

Thank You

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